Getting Started

Getting Started with your Customs Broker

Customs entry forms do ask for your importer number. This is either your Tax id# aka business registration number, or if your business is not registered with the (Internal Revenue Service) IRS or you do not have a business, then use your social security number.

A Licensed Customs Broker will assist you with the following responsibilities.
• The importer must declare the dutiable value of merchandise.
• The importer must determine the classification number of the merchandise being imported. The Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS), prescribes the classification of merchandise by type; e.g., animal, vegetable, textile fibers, textile products etc.
• The importer must pay estimated duties and processing fees if applicable.
• If formal entry is required - the importer may have to post a surety bond.
• It is the importers responsibility to ensure that his or her goods being imported meet admissibility requirements.

To begin the Customs Clearance process, the following are required:
1. A completed Power of Attorney to act on your behalf in customs matters. And one of the following (either A or B)

    a. If company, A copy of the Internal Revenue Service EIN Assignment letter verifying your company's name address and tax ID (most companies receive this letter from the IRS at the time of issuance of their tax id#)
    b. If individual, a clear copy of your social security card, US driver's license or passport (passport issuing country and date of birth also needed)

2. Online New Client set-up form

Licensed Customs Brokers are bound by law to keep your information confidential.

Importer verification
Customs brokers are also charged by US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) to perform due diligence in verifying the identity of an importer.



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